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Horse Shoeing

Diskutiere Horse Shoeing im Pferde Allgemein Forum; Guten Tag I am sorry for writing in English, but I am English :distrust: I am a Highly qualified and Experienced Farrier (Hufschmied)...

  1. ollie732

    ollie732 Neues Mitglied

    Guten Tag
    I am sorry for writing in English, but I am English :distrust:
    I am a Highly qualified and Experienced Farrier (Hufschmied) specializing in Dressage horses but willing and able to shoe all breeds of horses!
    I have a client moving 5 of her horses into germany I think near Dresden and she has asked me if I would like to carry on shoeing her horses! Due to the economic crash in the U.K I have already expanded some of my business to Norway with great success.
    I wondered if you kind people could inform me if there is a need for more Farriers in Germany and also the Average prices that your farriers charge (you don't need to mention names)
  2. PinkPony

    PinkPony Ich bin nix für schwache Nerven

    Hi ollie, i'll try to translate it :)
    Bitte berichtigen, werde versuchen zu übersetzen.

    "Guten Tag
    Entschuldige, das ich Englisch schreibe, aber ich bin Engländer.
    Ich bin ein hoch qualifizierter und erfahrener Hufschmied, auf Dressurpferde spezialisiert, aber ich beschlage jede Art von Pferden.
    Ich habe eine Kundin der mit 5 Pferden nach DE (nähe Dresden) zieht, sie fragte, ob ich ihre Pferde weiter beschlagen könnte/wollte. Wegen der Finanzkrise in UK habe ich bereits einen Teil meiner Arbeit nach Norwegen expandiert, mut großem Erfolg.
    Ich wollte fragen ob ihr mir sagen könnt, ob mehr Hufschmiede in Deutschland gebraucht werden und die Preise die ihr für euren Schmied bezahlt (ohne Namen zu nennen)

    Ich weiß nicht ob euch die Übersetzung was gebracht hat, aber naja.

    Well, our Horse doesnt have Shoes, just Hoof without Anything on it (sry, don't Know how to say it in English) and we pay 30 Euros
    Sry for my Bad English :-/

    LG Pinky
  3. Lysett

    Lysett Inserent

    I have two ponies and they are bare hoof, too.
    I know that the others of my barn have to pay 100€ to get four new shoes.
    Ans I believe 60 when the horse get their old ones fixed and nailed back on.

    Just to cut out the hoofs of my ponies costs me 25€ =)

    I made the experiance, that here are a lot of very very good farriers and then some they are, well, not that good...
    The really good ones have a lot of castumers and some of them dont even get new costumers on their lists.

    I live far away from Dresden and can not really say what it is about over there, but I think its not that much of a difference =)
  4. Wanderreiter

    Wanderreiter Inserent

    I live close to the North Sea. My ferrier charges me 100€ for a complete shoeeing, 30€ for a cutout. In the southern parts of Germany prices rise up to 180€.
    There is a need for good and qualified ferriers all over Germany.
    If you want to find out more, you should visit the biggest exhibition of the german horsetack market, the "Equitana" in Essen. There will be a lot of ferriers you could talk to.
    Good luck!
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